Interest Only Home Mortgage Loans – Good Or Bad Idea?

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Is an interest only home mortgage loan a good or bad idea for financing a home? These loans have become very popular and are one of the many different kinds of financing available for property. Opinions vary as to whether an interest only home mortgage loan is a good idea for the average home owner, with valid points being made on both sides. If you are in the market for a home you need to consider all the finance options available to you, together with your ability to repay them. Here are some interest only mortgage loan pro and cons to look at both sides of this kind of financing. If you are employed full time, single and making a good salary then an interest only home mortgage loan may not be the best financing for you. That’s because you could pay off your loan at a lower rate of interest and in less time with a different kind of loan program. On the other hand, you could save a lot of money by only paying the interest. It is possible that if you invested this in a safe investment you would not only have enough to pay off the principle on the mortgage, but would also gain a little capital for yourself at the same time. This of course is a gamble, because how many people will actually invest the savings? However, if you have no other financial responsibilities, it’s one you might find attractive. If you work in seasonal employment, like in the tourist industry, you may find that paying an interest only monthly mortgage payment allows you the freedom to pay a minimum amount when you are in “off season”. But during the time you are working, you can make accelerated payments off the principle in addition to the interest. The risk of paying an interest only mortgage loan repayment is that the principle is not being repaid. Unless the price of homes in your area rises, you don’t build up any equity in your home. Paying the monthly mortgage payment on an interest only mortgage can become like paying rent. You don’t have the safety net of being able to sell your home to raise cash if you are faced with some emergency in your life. As a young professional just starting out on your own, this might not be an issue you need to consider. But if you are married and have a family, you should seriously consider the implications of not having the kind of mortgage that allows you to build a financial safety net. Home equity gives you a form of financial security that can come in handy if you really need to use it. This should be a consideration when deciding which home loan to choose. A lower monthly mortgage payment will always look attractive on paper, but consider all the implications carefully before taking the option of an interest only mortgage loan as a way of financing your home.


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