Mortgage Backed Securities

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MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITY:- A mortgage backed security is commonly used term in order to raise money against the property. Mortgage backed security has many advantages when compared to any other loans as the interest rate for a secured loan is always less when compared to any other type of loans in the market.Mortgage backed security is mainly used for three purposes such as to pay off the existing debts, for Home improvements and for any personal use or to invest in business. Paying off Existing Debts: A mortgage backed Security is always used mainly to pay off existing debts, a customer might have debts with credit card commitment, personal loan or for any other borrowing. Customer should pay comparatively greater interest percentage for any other commitment like credit card or any unsecured personal loan. For all these type of loans the bank would have no security before they lend money to the customer for whom the interest rate what they charge is high. A customer can put all his debts together and apply for a loan against his/her property and pay off all the debts and the customer will be paying just one interest for all his loans and he can also save some money. The customer will be paying different interest rates for this entire loan and will be paying to different lenders where one can get no concessions or reduction. Home Improvements: A customer can also take a loan against his property to extend or renovate his house. Suppose if a customer wants to construct a bedroom extra in house it may not be helpful if he opts for a home loan or a personal loan as interest  in all these type of loans are comparatively high. Loan against any property is cheaper when compared to any unsecured loan as the lender has also got interest over the property for which lending takes place. It is always better to consult a mortgage adviser before taking a secured loan over the property as the lender will definitely have a percentage of interest over the property. Any personal use or to invest in Business: Money can be raised over the property to invest in business, in that way property is not only used for living purpose but also for investment purpose. It can also be used in order to raise money to fulfill their son/daughter’s dream of studying abroad.


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